Fitz Henley is a travel correspondent with Fox 5 News in New York City and creator of the World Citizen travel series. For the last 10 years he has been a film maker, photographer, journalist, and on-camera personality. 


Although born in Kingston, Jamaica, he was raised in Saint Petersburg, Florida. During his youth when he wasn't traveling, Fitz spent most of his early life adventuring with outdoor activities and playing competitive sports such as baseball, basketball, and soccer. 


After moving to New York City in his early 20's, Fitz Henley had aspirations of a career in the culinary arts. He worked in some of the top kitchens as a line chef before entering into the music industry as a hip-hop artist having success with some of his songs featured on Fifa 2008, as well as a Hilton hotel international campaign. 


After realizing music wasn't his ultimate path, he ventured on a backpacking trip to Central America, where he found his ultimate passion -- adventurous travel. Following the footsteps of some of the popular travel shows, Fitz Henley used his international upbringing to come up with the World Citizen travel series concept. After pitching the idea to multiple television networks and coming out with a renewed confidence, he refined the idea and parleyed this experience into a successful news segment on Fox News' New York affiliate, Fox 5 NY and also has a digital travel series in partnership with The Grio called The Journeyman.


Fitz is also a professional model who has reached international notoriety being featured GQ Magazine, Men's Health and working with the likes of Kenneth Cole, and Maybelline. He has worked extensively in Europe, Africa, and New York City.